Alleviate poverty by facilitating sustainable income opportunities for vulnerable families to develop financially empowered communities.


To provide a holistic solution that enables sustainable productivity in vulnerable communities through substantive assistance and impactful donations.

Our Values



To us, making real impact is an imperative. We are not satisfied with just providing aid on a one-time basis, but want to help in such a way that families can sustain themselves in the long run. We know that COVID-19’s impacts will last for some time, and we want to help families get ready to brave the storm on their own. This is why our program focuses not just on meeting families’ needs now, but also providing workers with the tools they need to survive and thrive independently in the long run.



Here at MAMPU, we uphold the need to be accountable to donors first and foremost. We leave no room for misuse of funds. Additionally, we leave no room for doubt by posting income statements, account statements, financial projections, and donation receipts on

How do we ensure help is being used correctly by the workers?

We require receipts and simple financial reports from each family to hold them accountable. Families who refuse to do this no longer receive aid. These receipts are also accessible to the public from



At MAMPU’s core, always, is heart. We are passionate about helping families because we believe in them, and care about them. That makes us work better, stronger, and with better results than many charities out there.